View Full Version : What perfect tunes will do ??

01-01-2014, 10:32 AM
I have only just discovered perfecttunes, and am not fully sure what it will do, so please forgive my ignorance if I ask seemingly 'daft' questions. I have a Naim HDX SD which rips discs to my Synology Nas in WAV format. However, I have put CD rips onto the Nas via the Naim, and a few have simply come up with Album 'unknown' and then a sequence of 8 mixed number/letters. The The Naim HDX gives you 'unknown' for album, tracks, track timing etc.
When I run perfecttunes on such files (or indeed it goes through my entire CD collection) does it have the ability to find such information from what limited information is actually on the file. I basically don't understand the process of how it works, and what it needs to extract from any given file to them come up with cover art, let alone anything else such as album title, track title and timing etc. To my mind it would actually have to read the music to provide information where none seemingly exists?
Thanks for any help or explanation!
PS I realise that running the program on a computer linked to my NAS may involve some time as it has to go via the network.

01-01-2014, 11:59 AM
PerfectTUNES cannot currently tag files with metadata, and it needs the correct name information to update the album art.