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12-10-2013, 12:31 AM
Is there a way to have DeDupe create a file listing the duplicates? The file should contain path, filename, artist, album, track name, bit rate, encoding ... maybe more but that will get started.

My Library is a tad disorganised (shocking!) due to multiple sources over time (ripped CDS - old to MP3 or AAC, new to FLAC, iTunes store, various mp3 downloads etc), and moving to a setup to work with both iTunes and Squeezebox Server (Duet),

There are duplicates that need to be deleted eg old versions at low bit rates superseded by new versions at higher bit rates. While some are on a track by track basis, the bulk would be on an album basis. What Im looking for in other words is "duplicate albums"

Another source of duplicate albums is the way I created mp3 versions of FLAC files for iTunes which in some cases already existed in iTunes. (I recently re-ripped a large portion of my CD collection to FLAC).

If I can get a file with the data described above I can then analyse it to get lists of albums to be deleted or moved as the case may be. Its easiest if the file is a CSV file which I can then analyse in APL.

Dedupe may not be the right tool, if not does anyone know what would be?

There is a Python API Mutagen which sounds like it would do the trick, and I have messed with Python a little but Im not at all sure how to go about installing the mutagen library (Im on Windows, the Mutagen docs seem to be written for Unix type machine)

12-10-2013, 04:45 AM
Click the spanner icon in the top right, there is an option on this options page to export the duplicate list.

12-10-2013, 08:10 AM
Thanks spoon. I might suggest this function be promoted out of the "options" menu to have a specific "button" on its own. To me at least, "options" isnt an obvious place to look for an action button.

However, unless I did something wrong that simply gives a file listing the filenames.
What Im looking for is a file that has the filenames along with some of the metadata, eg encoding, bitrate (to select higher quality version), artist / composer / album name (to validate the album name and also the folder name) etc etc. So, this fuile is a good start, but not quite what Im looking for.