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12-03-2013, 03:16 PM
About 5 years ago I ripped my CD collection to FLAC using a variety of programs. The problem is tagging was pretty minimal and I did not get much cover art. I also used a variety of programs to rip so the file naming is a mess between albums. So I decided to re-rip everything in dbPoweramp and get improved tagging, album art and consistent file naming.

Unfortunately a few of my CD's are not giving perfect accuraterip's of the album. Usually one song out of the album cannot be ripped successfully to pass accuraterip using dbPoweramp.

So I ran PerfectTunes Accuraterip on my old rips, and those trouble songs are coming up good.

So here is my question. How do I copy the one good (accuraterip confirmed) song from my old FLAC collection into the dbPoweramp rip?

What I have tried:
- I have copied the "good" FLAC into the dbPoweramp folder and
- I have renamed this file to match the naming scheme used by dbPoweramp
- I have tried copying the song tagging using MP3TAG so the tags are identical

But when I run Accuraterip it continues to say the file is not passing Accuraterip. (Yet that very file passes Accuraterip when in my old directory.)

Help? Suggestions?


12-03-2013, 03:41 PM
One of the ID Tags is AccurateRip result, you would not want to copy that one over from new to old.