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09-19-2003, 04:59 PM
I did a little bit of thinking on the plane back from Prague, these were my thoughts:

dMC - Release 10 has been a very long time in beta (over a year), time has come to release it. Mp3 files are getting APE2 tagging abilities, final bug fixes are being done. AccurateRip is now seperate from dMC, so dMC can be released and AccurateRip can plod along at its pace.

dAP - A new default skin is half way to completion, it looks very good (at least I think so). Anyhow back to my plane thoughts, most of them went on dAPs My Music Collection - taking ideas posted and my own I think a new MMC will have tabs at the top:

[Tracks] [Artists] [Albums] [Genre]

Tracks is as MMC is now, Artists has a list of Artists down the left side, select an artist and the listing to the right only shows that artists tracks. Albums, will have a listing again on the left (with the option of displaying ALBUM art), selecting an album will show the tracks in it. Genre: list of Genres down the left, select a genre and it will show tracks with that genre.

At the bottom of MMC right now is the que list - this will change into a massive playlist - it will display 100 items constantly updating (last 50 and next 50 - even in random mode - what is to play), it will be easy to remove and move tracks around.

dAP will get a new Sequencial playback mode, to play tracks in order, or albums in order. The Randomizer will get a random album mode, where an album is randomly selected to be played in its entirity.

General usablity upgrades - ie dragging stuff around, making things generally simpler.

Finally 'Selective Play' will have more selection criteria built in, as well as easy wizards that will create selectives based on such things as 'Newest 50, most popular 40, etc'.

Sveta - will be geared to be more friendly with large music players (it will have the same features as MMC from dAP - ie artist album tabs) as well as dAPs very quick search text box for just finding stuff quickly.

Finally I plan to kick all the nice stuff trough beta tests asap (ie dAPs synchronize), and drawup instructions on how well dBpowerAMP can integrate together - ie Rip from Audio CD Input straight into dAP and Sync with a portable player - that is the holy grail :)

10-06-2003, 06:59 PM
Oh yes, I just have taken delivery of a Pocket PC (Toshiba e330), I think dAP might make its way slowly over time onto this small fella, and also I might just stick bluetooth on it, bluetooth on my 'House of the Future' (see Spoons audio guide for that one) and it can be controlled remotely from the PPC.