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08-20-2003, 12:43 AM
How to rip MP3 CD creating folders for easy navigation while playing in CD player and not having only track *'s 1.....200??


08-20-2003, 06:43 AM
dB CD Writer can set folders to your specifications using file names. Open the program and click on the button that says "new". Click to select MP3/WMA CD and then click on the button that says "set" by the area that says File Naming. There you will find some pre-defined options or you can figure out your own. The existence of the / designates an area where the program will create sperate folders based on the criteria specified before the / and ordered within the folder based on the criteria after the /.
A word of warning, please make sure that the information and spellings of your file names are consistent or you may run into problems For example, if some of your Duke Ellington tracks have file names Duke Ellington and others Ellington Duke, the program wil create two folders where you may only want one. Likewise, if you have some listed as Duke Ellington and others as Duke Elington you will get separate folders. Finally, the program has a nasty bug wherein if you have some files listed as Duke Ellington, others as duke ellington, and others as Duke ELlington the program will try to set up folders for each but each folder will contain tracks with all three spellings which will, in turn, cause the program to knock off other tracks.
By the way, the program's default setting is to order tracks by artist and track title (in a single folder, track tittle being determined again by the file name).
Hope this helps.
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Bill Mikkelsen
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