View Full Version : Burning data Cd WITHOUT converting ??

08-11-2003, 03:55 PM
I may miss a point ,but:...

I want to burn data cds as backup for my songs.
I want to burn it as they are ,no mater the format or bitrate.
I have MP3 ,OGG ,MPC,APE.

But it look like [ if i understand well] that there is allways a convert process to be done.
Even with only MP3 ,look like there is a convert process.

So ,anyway to just make plain burn of data cds?

Having five hard drives and 50-60.000 songs ,the 'drop' from inside My Computer is a no go.

I need to use the left tree in CDWriter.
Any help very welcome.

Beside it ,this convert 'on the fly' fonction is really great , as the 'make a compilation from different cds ' on the fly [ well ,almost on the fly] is brillant

08-11-2003, 04:16 PM
Not currently possible, it is best for that kind of work you use the program that came with your CD writer.

08-11-2003, 05:03 PM
Thank you.

In my opinion ,it is something you need to include.
Like it ,no need to use another program to burn , only this one