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07-18-2003, 09:52 PM
Hi Razgo, I re-read your message from 6-26 and I will take your message as advisory,having never participated in a political debate or discussion on the webb. I must ask you one question. Was there a moderator? If so, was he /she effective? It would seem to me absolutley necessary to have one present. A good moderator would know when to intervene when thinge get heated or to personal, calling a time out. A good moderator would also ensure that all points of view get expressed and necessary follow-up clarification statements made. The topic you were discussing seems also invovle ethical and moral questoins,adding complexity to the political issue. Wow sounds like it got pretty intense. All the more reason for a strong effective moderator. Finding a good highly skilled moderator who can handle a politcal discussion is hard to find. I dare say may be even rare. Yes I have my polital leanings, with my list of favorite sites that I visit regularly,to get an alternative point of view. If any of them had a forum with a good moderator I would prabably be a participant. As it is now none of them do. Finally I know forums have rules, my observation is the rules are often ignored, or are enforced arbitrarily. One of the reasons I came back to dbpoweramp was because of the forums and the respectful treatment of its members

07-19-2003, 02:43 AM
the topic never got closed in the end. had 49 replies then was left alone since 11 days ago.

this particular forum is heavily moderated by many as it has quite a lot of topics with over 70 forums.

usually it is the over reaction of a moderator that i find gets on my nerves sometimes.

the thing is whenever issues close to home get brought up it inevetibly becomes peronal. there is no way around that sometimes.

I think one of the longest on going personal issues of certain members I had ever been involved in was a site called the blackvault. it went on for years! unfortunatly it also led to the dismisal of one member from the forums and i think the rest went scampering for cover. it was the weirdest debate/issues i was ever involved in to last so long. i guess there were to many with strong personalities over there :D

07-19-2003, 03:03 AM
technically speaking I am the only active moderator here.

although here it is more about answering questions where possible. the only time i ever have to delete posts or members is when we get hit by a spammer posting spam all over the forums. this rarely happens, only once in a while.

and i think i only ever saw Spoon go off his rocker at one user but was totally justified if you saw what the user posted. hopefully that got deleted with the last server hack anyway.

but yes different forums need different types of moderators. and like i said befor here i guess it's more of a case to try and solve issues and questions users have about the dbpoweramp software. and i can tell you that is hard because Spoon's software has so many components and features it's almost impossible to keep up with him sometimes :D