View Full Version : On Honeymoon

05-11-2002, 03:37 PM
Spoon and Mrs Spoon are on their honeymoon from the 17th May 2002 to 2nd June 2002, for those who are interested we are going on a Med Cruise.

05-11-2002, 05:40 PM
hey thats good news Spoon, hope you guys have lots of fun! :cool:

05-12-2002, 09:21 AM
We sure will :) I didn't say in my message, but should be obvious - I will not have email/web access during this two week period, I will leave everyone in the very capable hands of my Mods - Modattic, Razgo and TotalXS.

06-01-2002, 02:23 AM
I have returned, I will tell more of my trip in Spoons forum just as soon as I clear the mail backlog...