View Full Version : The QueMaster - a new program

06-13-2003, 03:18 PM
Hi, being that there were a lot of talk about how the que should be more adaptable, I have made a program to fix it:D
It is called QueMaster and you can download it on my site. It is pretty small.
It does the following stuff:
- deletes all items from que (I know it is already in the program)
- deletes only one item from the que
- swaps positions of two items
- it can remember a few .enqued files you are using in case your OS is multi-user (such as windows XP)
There is a known issue with windows 2000 and XP (and maybe other NT based systems): it takes all free processor time and it acts kinda slow from time to time. It also can react to commands a little slow, so it is needed to keep the buttons pressed a little longer to make it react. Also if it doesn't refresh the display you can press space (or any unassigned key) once or twice to make it refresh (not to reload from disk, just to rewrite the data from memory on the screen).

So test it and see how you like it.
I hope I will be able to make a new version soon, with more options and probably a better interface...
The install is made using Spoon install;)