View Full Version : Rip errors CAN be solved with dB

05-10-2002, 12:07 PM
I've been a fan of "dB" for a year. Smooth interface, converted files are usually glitch-free, and it's free(I can live with that).
On occasion, I have found that ripping from the explorer toolbar gives me a conversion error, such as " ... disk full?"(I don't remember the details). In many error situations, I've found that using the CD Audio Input module and lowering the read speed to x2 or x4 can allow a shitty result to become a good one.

Another item of interest is that I've had cloned music CDs given to me, yet the explorer shows no CDA files of any kind to convert. The thing will play on a CD player fine, it just doesn't list any CDA files. The files will miraculously appear if the CD Audio Input module is used rather than the explorer toolbar.

A phenominal product! And good summary of the music moguls, by the way!! It's a good thing for us 40 year-olds that there are a lot of bright kids out there that can solve copy protection that Sony music and its brethren keep thinking up. Bravo boys! Perhaps we should send a few royalties your way. The musicians make far more money when on tour than from CD sales. They like to see their music be given high exposure prior to a concert; it packs the hall. The one's making the lion's share on the CD sales are the music publishers, not so much the artists.

05-11-2002, 03:35 AM
Bravo!! :)