View Full Version : m4b Audio Book Encoder encodes m4a's?!?

08-13-2010, 02:10 PM
The m4b Audio Book Encoder seems to encode .m4a files, not .m4b

This can't be right, can it?? I have tried several times to make sure I'm not using the regular m4a Nero encoder by mistake, although I still wonder if I'm going crazy....

BTW: Reference 13.5
Also I have installed the Nero AAC Encoder release 1, but not m4a release 14. Is this the problem?

Edit: No, it was not the problem. The problem was I was being stupid. In order to make more bitrates available in the quality slider I just copied the encoder.txt from the m4a folder - but of course I forgot to change "m4a" to "m4b". Doh!

Feel free to delete this thread, or leave it in case anyone else does the same and is equally puzzled!