View Full Version : How Do I: Send radio streams to DS without transcoding

03-26-2010, 05:26 AM
I'm now using Cara 6 beta on my Sneaky DS and I'm enjoying BBC Radio 3 at 192kbps via RadioTime and the Linn Kinsky desktop. I can also stream the same stations via RadioTime and Asset, but asset transcodes the stream to WAV

To be honest, I've not listened critically to the two routes, but it seems pointless transcoding what can now be played directly. How do I stop asset transcoding the stream, and if I do, will it work?

I control Asset with Songbook, and don't really want to get my laptop out and use Kinsky desktop.

03-26-2010, 06:05 AM
It is not possible to pass out the untouched stream because the source of the stream is Asset (as far as the player is concerned, not the internet radio-station). That is because Asset allows browsing for the stations and the underlying stream path is not exposed until it is actually played.