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05-06-2003, 05:52 PM
dAP has been updated to include DSP effects and Remote Controls!!

DSPs - currently we have:

24 Bit DSP Effect 190KB Those fortunate to have a 24 Bit sound card, this effect takes input data (perhaps 16 bit) and scales it to 22 bits (configurable), primarily for the Graphic Equalizer. A Graphic Equalizer can 'grow' data, that is give it a higher amplitude, the problem is for 16 bit data is it cannot grow in amplitude when it is held in 16 bits, when scaled to 22 bits it can grow by a factor of x4 - Super base here I come.
48 KHz Resample 204KB For those who have a Creative Labs Live or Audigy card (all versions), the card takes all the sound data and converts it to 48Khz before sending it out, the problem is its routines are not top notch. This resampler is as good as it gets, the only down side is it takes 50% of an 800 MHZ processor to work...

Headphone 187KB This effect is for those who listen to audio through headphones, normally the stereo position when wearing headphones will be right in the middle of your head (euurrgh), this effect moves the stereo out infront. Will only work on stereo 44.1Khz audio signals. Includes the earwax algorithm created by Edward Beingessner.

Karaoke 186KB Removes vocals so that you might sing along. Most audio presentations have the singer in the center of the stereo image, if it is then the singer can be removed. Will work best with lossless audio codecs from CD recordings.

Remote Control: dAP can be configured to work with any standard Sony compatible Infrared remote with the right adaptor, sit back and control dAP from afar.

Download here: http://www.dbpoweramp.com/dbpoweramp.htm