View Full Version : Replacing Teac drive with Plextor

12-03-2009, 04:47 AM
Just got in a old machine equipped with a pair of Plextor drives, a PX-W 2410A (cdr/rw) and a PX-708A (dvd r/rw). The machine looks barely used (and the inside is also very clean... so few hours of work!).
Back in the my old days of early cd ripping (1996) Plextors were a must, and looking at the forum here seems *real* plextors still are; question is, what are really and what are OEM'd (pioneer?).
Any advice about which one is best for ripping with BR and Kodak Kiosk?
The 708 may need a fw upgrade, i've seen 1.12 on the plex site and the drive has 1.04, while 2410 has 1.02 and on the site there is a 1.04. Infos about fw releases are also useful.