View Full Version : Kodak Kiosk tip

11-28-2009, 10:11 AM
Sometimes things are learned "the hard way", thus i think it's worthy to share a tip.
This is not specific for the Kodak Kiosk only but involves all the robots that use this kind ok disc change.

Sometimes the disc change mechanism was not working, thus ending the work. After some random stops, i got a systematic stop when it arrived to a specific double-cd album. If i removed these two discs, the robot could work; otherwise, no.

The source of the problem was the CD, or better, the inner ring of the two cd.
In order to work, the "change disc" process need that the disc which is going next on the drive
*to slide a bit* from the entire stack. These two CDs had the Inner Ring with a hill on a side, a groove on the opposite that for sure it could be useful for the pressing plants when you stack the pressed disc... but when you pile them, they can't slide at all, 'cause the hill ring on the silver side goes into the groove on the label side, thus locking them togheter. Since they're 2CD as far as "unsliding" thickness, the whole mechanism can't work anymore.

Solution: mix the discs with others from different pressing plants. If the rings/groove doesn't match, it's done.

Specifically, these discs were manufactured from DADC Austria (the main Sony Music pressing plant in Europe), which does a BIG % of CD pressing for many labels. It can apply for many others.