View Full Version : Samsung DLNA TVs - Any success?

11-14-2009, 04:56 PM
My Samsung TV works great with a number of UPNP servers. I like the looks of Asset the best - simple yet adaptable & RadioTime.

My Samsung TV can see the Asset server, navigate the menus properly, but all tracks give a "Not Supported File Format".

These are tracks that play with other servers - both mp3 and wav.

Here's a possble hint. The error comes so quickly that I wonder if there is something in the header that Samsung doesn't like that it doesn't even get to trying to play the stream.

Has anyone gotten Asset UPNP to work on a Samsung DLNA TV? Do the developers have any ideas or work-arounds? (Same experience with firewall turned off. Asset-UPNP.exe is version

Thanks for your help.