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09-28-2009, 09:22 PM
A huge thank you to all the effort put into these products by the illustrate team. I've had a very seamless experience with all of the products I am using.
dMC of course and BatchRipper in particular.

I do have a question though. I downloaded and started to use the ID Tag Update codec yesterday. I called it from Batch Ripper (ripping to Nero AAC m4a for an iTunes library) after the rip was complete using the "With Batch - Convert To" option. I wanted to ensure that the 2200 files I had just ripped included the album artwork where it was available as folder.jpg. This is a mistake by the way as the ripper already includes the artwork in the tag where it is available as part of the ripping process.

However, putting my ignorance aside for a moment, running the import folder.jpg function as described above made all of the ripped songs unreadable in iTunes. Is this a potential bug? Should this function be called from Batch Ripper or from somewhere else?

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09-30-2009, 12:22 AM
Thanks Spoon. I'll download this latest.