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08-25-2009, 04:32 AM
Not sure if this the right place but here it goes:

My setup:

My video and music files (FLAC) are stored on six (6) D-Link DNS-323 (v1.07 firmware) 1TB RAID NAS units connected to an 8-port unmanaged gigabit switch which is itself connected (for internet access) to my router (WRT54G) which is the DHCP server for my network. On the same switch I have a PS3 and an XP Pro SP3 computer.

Everything works fine except for the "wake-up" problem mentioned below.

Now my question is:

I would like to see the six DNS-323 units as a single file system in XP Pro and on the PS3, i.e. only one drive letter with each NAS as a folder under root. I believe this is known as NAS/file aggregation/virtualization.

Ideally I would like to aggregate the 6 NAS units under a common root in a virtual file system called "media". Is there a hardware box (kind of a smart switch with NAS aggregation) that can do that and be UPnP as well?

Wake-up problem:

Sometimes one of the DNS-323 doesn't "wake up" when accessed and I have to reboot it.

There is another thread about this here: http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.aspx?catid=36&threadid=2328661&FTVAR_STKEYWORDFRM=&STARTPAGE=1&FTVAR_FORUMVIEWTMP=Linear

Thanks for any input!