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02-26-2003, 04:05 PM
Dear Spoon,

I know you must relish with delight reading the input from your users, and judging by the forum's offerings, a wishful lot.

At any rate, here is my suggestion (I will preface this with an explanatory introduction--I have a 600,000 title collection and rapidly growing; I use your program a lot!):

I recently input 110+ karaoke CDs and ripped them with your program. The interface with FREEDB was flawless and seamless, and I was pleased that I could input all but one (which was inexplicably there) of these to the commonweal database.

I realized in using these features of your program that you were missing a great opportunity to make life really easy on your users and perhaps make a few kleingeld for yourself (due to the increased functionality of your package).

What would be very useful to all users making backups of music and data would be to have a flawless and seamless CD print routine to do a "down and dirty" cover, no GFX, text only; one config menu, default with arial narrow and size to fit, support multiple pages, and you've got a big improvement. I have been checking out the freeware/shareware cover progs lately and they are dismal: either they're way too laden with superfluous features or too bug ridden.

Consider that you have all the data collected in the rip prog and only have to output it to a print routine; judging by your program, this programming feat seems within your considerable reach.

I will be registering this prog in the next 2 days; before it self destructs. Feel assured that your efforts are appreciated.

I also have a question regarding your proprietary compression method and whether you plan to offer conversion from normal format to yours. Since HD storage is a considerable fiscal consideration with a 2 terabyte setup, I hope you can appreciate my interest.

Thanks for a wonderful program. I have other suggestions but won't burden you with them now.

Best regards,

Tom Zydron

02-27-2003, 03:03 AM
>your proprietary compression method and whether you plan to offer conversion from normal format to yours.

Which compression method is this?

07-18-2003, 05:03 AM
i guess he never came back? that is one hell of a collection! :shocked: