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02-25-2003, 08:01 PM
Hello Spoon,

This is related to the following thread:

I was looking for the following utility:
If one was in MMC and chose "Selected Tracks" -> "Show Track Playing", then as each song finished playing and a new one started from the queued ones, the one playing will get highlighted in the upper window and will be visible - i.e. the window will scroll/jump to the song currently playing and highlight it. And it will do this one after the other, automatically.

I think I understand why this automatic jumping will not be good to have generally - you don't want to be looking at choosing a song or just browsing your songs and suddenly your display jumps to something else, etc.

However - there is one situation when it is very handy, which is why I am adding this request here in the wishlist - *If* in MMC one is using the *random play* function, then the user is *passive* and songs to play are chosen by the program. This will be the situation - with random play enabled - when MMC->Selected Tracks->Show Track Playing should jump to the current song playing automatically. This is useful since it would show you more info about the song - the upper window contains much more info than what is displayed in the player.

When I am using random play I am typically not even at the computer but doing things around the house while listening, and I don't want to rush to the computer and use MMC->Selected Tracks->Show Track Playing manually with each song playing. And yet I want to see the extra info in MMC if I get curious about a song currently playing.

Does that make sense to you?


02-26-2003, 03:08 AM
Sort of if it is selected and nothing else is done on in MMC (like editing) then jump around ?

02-26-2003, 05:16 AM
Yes, except maybe make it more conservative - jump around automatically only if
(1) nothing else is done in MMC (like editing), AND
(2) "random play" is selected;

Your proposal above is to have it when (1) is satisfied regardless of (2). This might work well depending on what you mean by "nothing else is done in MMC" - if you mean not only editing , but also search, scrolling vertically/horizontally, clicking on buttons, then it will work well and condition (2) is not needed.

What you want to avoid is to do automatic scroll/jump while someone is looking at/working with the list for songs to queue because then you will lose the place you were looking at if an automatic jump occured.

You know your program so you probably have a very good idea if this can be easily implemented with a stringent condition (1) (i.e. checking for editing, scrolling, buttons, etc.), or with condition (1) (only checking for editing) AND (2).

I hope this makes it into MMC soon :D

Thanks and cheers,