View Full Version : Comment/Bug? with Denon (Not Authorised and Empty Tree)

06-13-2009, 01:33 AM

Just an observation.

I have a Denon AVR 4308 which I use with either Twonky or that windows Media Server thingamajig on XP. I also get the "not authorised" message on the Amps' display window with Asset first release so I uninstalled it and installed beta 2.

That worked and I could see the server, however the server control box had "Detecting changes" on the rescan library button and although I could see and browse the tree on my amp every branch showed empty. I left it for a few hours, still nothing although I noticed that when I previously installed V1 I could hear the hard drive chugging away as the server scanned my music (600 Gb) (even though I had the "Not Authorised' message) but with beta 2 the drive was silent.

Confused. I uninstalled, restarted, re-installed but the same thing. After uninstalling again I went through the registry and removed all references to AssetUPnP and now, even though the rescan library button still says detecting changes I can see all my music and everything seems cool. I can't hear my hard drive either, although this may be because I have the music up too loud!! Unfortunately I can't remember if I had twonky service running at the time or not. I reckon I didn't although it shouldn't really make a difference I don't think.

My music is mostly flac, which the Denon supports natively, and it somehow seems faster and more responsive. I like it better than twonky, although twonky serves video and photos etc, something I don't use much. I will play around with the tree layout and other controls when I get more time. Very impressed. Thankyou.

Looking forward to DAP mark 2 when it comes around also. Keep up the good work.