View Full Version : Linn & RipNAS @ Bristol Sound and Vision (UK) 20th Feb 2009

02-18-2009, 03:50 AM
Showing on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st February 2009. Room 420.

"RipNAS will be demonstrating the latest Linn DS solutions with a full Klimax system (Klimax DS, Klimax Kontrol and Klimax 350A) and a Sneaky Music DS system (with Komponent 104).

Various Streaming, Storage and Control options will be shown, including A-B demos against Sonos and Slim Devices, new ripping NAS devices, and a range of control options from Apple iTouch to HP iPaq 214."

RipNAS Statement is debuting, the worlds first SSD Ripping NAS device, SSDs have no moving parts and have no background noise to spoil the listening pleasure. At last with RipNAS Statement a NAS which looks like a piece of audio equipment and is silent so does not have to be hidden away in another room, whilst at the same time offering a convenient way of loading new audio discs onto the system.

Please see for more details: