View Full Version : Directions 2009

01-03-2009, 10:36 AM
2009 will see Illustrate further consolidate the 'top end' of CD ripping, through the inclusion of better album art, cue sheet handling and extensive classical fields. Also AccurateRip will get a careful planned update to see it well into the next 5 years, having become the defacto standard to which all secure ripping cross referenced with.

2009 is also a year of new directions, with the introduction of RipNAS (hardware Ripping NAS and software for Windows Home Server) Illustrate's all seeing eye (Lord of the Rings) is firmly directed at network streaming audio devices, we see these players becoming more mainstream in 2009/2010. Early fruit from this push is Asset UPnP, with very poor existing UPnP implementations, it was time to step up and show our metal, creating a worthy UPnP server implemtation, Asset UPnP is just that...

RipNAS: a tougher than expected year for these kind of hardware devices given the current economic climate, however years 2009 / 2010 are brand building years, RipNAS will be given a large advertising and R&D budget (as they say, watch this space!).

This year an effort will be made to forge mutual partnerships with key players in the audio realm, lets hope for some interesting press-releases this year.

Finally dAP: or now known as dBpoweramp Renaissance will become feature rich to be fully released in 2009 (also in forms not expected ;) )