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12-24-2008, 03:18 PM
I have lots of mp3's in 320kb+. I simply want to keep everything (id3 tags, directory structure, filenames, etc) the same, but downsample the mp3's to 192KB.

So all I need is something to retain as much quality as possib, but take any file in any folder that is over 320 and take it down to 192, but if the file is 192or lower leave it alone as I definately dont want to waste the space and increase it.

I tried DBpoweramp and have the following issues.

1. If I use the batch converter to display just some of the files (thousands) it takes a long time to sort by bit rate then I have to do the shift select trick, etc and that takes a long time also.
2. At random times during the conversion it will error and windows asks to send a error report. Until I click no to the error report it will not contiue converting, and when it does the time remaing will be totally wrong. I may need to click close on the error report 5 times over 2 days for it to convert 800 songs.

So I want to try and use this program:


Since I am downsampling anyways to the same format, will it be able to do the equilivant of "slow" conversion (converter has slow, normal, and fast I believe)?

Oh, and email is broken on the forum... forgot password and new members receive no emails, and no emails are received when a post is responded too.

12-24-2008, 03:31 PM
Spoon replied to my other post about the issue and I will definately try his solution first before trying the winamp deal. I still wonder if there is an easier way to just convert anything above 192 and ignore the rest, especially when dealing with large amounts of files.