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09-29-2008, 03:43 AM

mp3 (Lame) updated to v3.98
PerfectMeta enhancement - album artist could override various artists from other providers
CD Ripper

Better handling of display when starting program
Copy to clipboard can copy the filename
Default naming is having Various\xxxx Disc 1 Disc 1\ because album name has disc number (from perfect meta), so removed from naming default
Default naming removed album from the filename
Much faster as skipping a track on a damaged disc (if user skip)
Now supports c2 error pointers over firewire
Fail safe detection of drives (will return Unknown for name)
folder.jpg changed to Folder.jpg as default
Mouse wheel scrolls in manual meta review page

ID Tag + CD Ripper: Better handling of comments with CRLF and display of such. In Tag Editor carriage breaks shown as {CR}{LF}
GetpopupInfo faster when tags contain a huge binary encoded as UUEncoded text (200KB single txt element)

File Naming - [MAXLENGTH] naming element to set the maximum length of items such as folder, or file names
File Naming - Now possible to do: [ifvalue]artist[] [ifvalue][artist][] [ifvalue][tag]artist[][] [IfEQUALS]artist,[album artist],bob[] [IfEQUALS][artist],[album artist],bob[] [IfEQUALS][tag]artist[],[album artist],bob[] [IfEQUALS]The ,[MAXLEN][album artist],3[],bob[]

All Programs - internally can access network filenames with Unicode characters (also requires Codec Update)

Core Converter can send over replaygain tags at request of DSP Effect
Core Converter attempts to write ID Tags, even if there was an error

Bug Fixes

All programs - folder creation able to correct folders ending in '... '
Edit ID Tag would stall if a huge binary encoded as UUEncoded text (200KB single txt element)
mp3 lame any abr mode was vbr -v4
Batch Converter, if folder had an . it would read the folder on refresh
CD Ripper - changed scanner to only load, get around 16 bit errors people are seeing (also ntvdm)
CD Ripper - was possible a device change (new drive appearing) could effect existing CD Ripping
CD Ripper could say Encoding CPU1, CPU2 even when only 1 CPU on system
CD Ripper - if viewing manual review page and eject CD now auto close the page
CD Ripper - in file log could show the wrong number of 'xx Could Not Be Ripped'



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