View Full Version : Audio CD Input Preference Same comments

02-01-2003, 12:49 PM
Hi, first excuse me for my english. Then, i d'like to know if it is possible to add in the option menu of the audio cd input, an option which permits you to write the same comment during the encoding. Indead, i like the ogg format and i only use it, i'm no longer interest by the mp3. My friends and others dont know anything about the existence of the ogg format, so i walways put for the comment "file ogg or other comment which preicese that the file is not a mp3 (i'll soon have a faster connection and i think i'll share all my music files, so i don't want people to be surprised when they discoverd that it's ogg). So i suggest to put an option like in the dap "new track preference" : "new album encoding comment" i don't really know if it will bu usefull.

ps: i don't like the fact that something is very popular but not the best, while some are very good but unknow. (Winzip on telecharger.com (french "download.com") winzip is the most downloaded soft for compression but it's not the best and so are Ogg/mp3 and windows/linux (hum...configuring linux is not simple