View Full Version : Secure Ripping Service, First True Secure Ripping Offering

08-11-2008, 04:12 PM
Illustrate (dBpoweramp) have teamed up with ReadyToPlay to offer a worlds first: A Secure Ripping Service. In short the discs are ripped on Plextor drives (true Plextors with over-reading, offset corrected, HTOA ripping, decent c2 error pointer support), verified by 2nd Plextor drives (if not verified by AccurateRip), damaged discs are professionally repaired and re-ripped. Unrecoverable tracks are separated out from the perfect tracks. Meta data uses 2 commercial providers at the same time (no other ripping service uses more than one).

The system is designed from the ground-up to be as secure as we could design it (specific unique software, specific drives), all in all a premium ripping service.

The technical details and process (and the price $3.50 a disc):


http://www.readytoplaysecure.com/ (main page)