View Full Version : Codec Release: m4a & Apple Lossless R8

08-06-2008, 07:02 AM

Tagging option (default on) to allow file for fast start (AppleTV requires moov chunk before mdat)
Better at handling corrupted m4a / m4b files.
Rewritten Apple Lossless decoder to accept extra unexpected chunks
Apple Lossless encoder - uses m4a decoder to verify (previously had own decoder)
Added Option to write Nokia / Sony compatible ID3 tags

Bug Fix: Apple Lossless files now 100% compatible with Apple iPod / AppleTV.
Bug Fix: Some AMG Styles have "/" in them, these were appearing as incorrect multi items
Bug Fix: if file is 0 bytes or does not exist, then Popup info could make the file re-appear.
Bug Fix: correct storage of multi-line comments and preservation of '/' in tags which are non mulitline