View Full Version : AccuratreRip Won't Get Album Data

05-04-2008, 09:33 AM
I've installed AccurateRip with Exact Audio Copy. The installation went well and I was able to claibrate EAC/AccurateRIP. The album that I used for calibration was acknowledged by AccurateRip and I got a message saying that the album was in AccurateRip's database and could be used as a key disc.

The problem is that now that EAC/AccurateRip is calibrated, every disk that I try to get data for comes back as Unknown Title/Unknown Artist and all of the tracks show up with Track01, Track02... There is no information pulled from the AccurateRip database even though I get a pop up message which says that EAC is communicating with the AccurateRip database. This happens with every disc - even the one that I used as the key disc.

I should note that I used to have EAC/AccurateRip working on this machine previously. I needed to reinstall the programs under a different user than I had previously installed them. To do so, I uninstalled EAC, manually deleted the original installation directory, did a search for "eac", "exact", and "accurate", using regedit an removed any remaing registry keys that referenced anything related to EAC or AccurateRip. I then went to c:\Documents And Settings\original user\Application Data\AccurateRip and renamed the AccurateRip folder to a different name. I then did a reboot of the system and then reinstalled EAC\AccurateRip and recalibrated. I am using EAC V0.99 prebeta 4 from January 23, 2008.

Any help I could get on this is greatly appreciated.

05-04-2008, 01:07 PM
AccurateRip doesn't pull Meta-Data, that is done from freeDB or whatever meta-data service EAC uses. You will need to figure out why EAC isn't talking with the server.