View Full Version : State of Development Feb 2008

02-20-2008, 04:52 AM
A few words on where development of dBpoweramp is, it has been a long slog getting all programs upto the R12 standard, those that are not yet there are discussed here along with changes planned:

Batch Ripper: Functionally Complete, ready for Release (waiting on AMG Legal, so a few weeks).

dBpoweramp R13: Will be continually developed over perhaps the next 5 months, released when tested and feature complete. Development of dBpoweramp Rxx is continuous with any other development.

Codecs: Pretty much all have been updated to R12, Tag from File name is missing.

CD Writer: About to be picked up again, and finished, will be feature complete in ~ 4 weeks, released after testing. Upon release, CD Writer will not be offered as a seperate purchase and will be included for all Reference users.

Sveta Portable Audio: Development will begin after CD Writer, will be written from scratch (as all R12 programs / codecs), 2 player drivers will be written: the new Windows Media Device Manager and iPod, all other devices will be migrate to the new version. Upon release, Sveta will not be offered as a seperate purchase and will be included for all Reference users.

Audio Player: It is sad to say the market for audio players is (an estimated) 95% iTunes / Windows Media Player, even the once mighty Winamp is relegated to obscurity amongst the masses. For dAP the picture is even bleaker, it might have (had) a 0.01% market share. There still exists a place for dAP, for Illustrate it completes the circle, offering an audio cataloging program, from where CDs and iPods can be sychronized, so it is important. It will be rewritten (after Sveta), I am thinking:

Database driven, extended audio properties which other programs have the inability to offer (want to sort your mp3 files on ID Tag version, will be possible)
Sleak fast design,

It is no small job bringing dAP upto date, perhaps will take 1 year from the beginning.