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02-14-2008, 11:51 AM

I have got the reference version of dbpoweramp and it really uses the dual core. But I would rather prefere it not to use up 100% CPU while ripping the cds, because it's not possible to do anything else while dbpoweramp is encodign the ripped tracks with both CPUs at 100% usage.

I did not help changing priority for the thread in windows task manager. And I did not find any way to limit the CPU usage within dbpoweramp.

so actually I prefered the simple version using only one cpu..


02-14-2008, 01:40 PM
In the task manager, processes view, which processes, exactly, are using 100% CPU?

I would not suggest changing the riority of the CDGrab.exe process, because timing is important for ripping. But it might be worth changing the priority of the CoreConverter.exe process if that is the one causing your issues.

When software does not support setting priorities internally, I use the freeware program ProcessTamer to monitor and reprioritize processes. In this case, you would tell it to ignore CDGrab.exe and set it to deprioritize CoreConverter.exe.


02-14-2008, 01:52 PM
I use old 3GHz P4D duo core IDE machines with 4 megs memory as my dedicated dbpoweramp rippers. On those machines, a dbpoweramp instance will use close to 100% of the core when encoding. Even just ripping can get core usage over 50%. I didn't really see much of a difference using the Options drop down and lowering encoder priority.

These machines have two internal Plextor drives and I run two instances of dbpoweramp pro. With both going the machine is at 100% for both cores.

On my custom workstation, which is a quad core QX6600 over clocked to 3.4 Ghz, I've never seen dbpoweramp use more than about 60% of a core. The newer Intel chips (core duo and QX) are significantly more efficient at encoding than Pentiums.