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01-03-2008, 12:14 PM
I have ripped several cds where every track was accurate, except for the final track of the album. After fiddling around with my settings I discovered that if I rip the final track with the read-into the lead-in/lead-out box unchecked that the song rips accurately according to accuraterip. I have other cds where this isn't the case and the lead-in/lead-out box should be checkmarked.

My problems is that I have some cds that aren't in accuraterip and do not know what settings to use. Does anyone know how much of a difference these settings make?

01-03-2008, 05:40 PM
If you are getting some read errors that's preventing the last track from matching accuraterip then you could leave the box unchecked for everything, including rips that are not in the database.

What drive do you have ?


01-03-2008, 10:08 PM
Tsst Ts-l632d

01-04-2008, 06:41 AM
Just take a look in the log file. When the overread option is enabled and the log file says that your drive doesn't support this ("** Drive is unable to read into lead out, uncheck over-read option."), then you have to disable this option.