View Full Version : CPU load effect on CD ripping

11-24-2007, 04:24 PM
Does running other programs while ripping a CD have any impact on the result other than slowing the process down a bit? I've been doing some extremely computationally expensive things while ripping. I haven't noticed any problem, but I would hate to find out that I have somehow compromised dbpoweramp's ability to find and fix errors by trying to do too many things at the same time.

11-25-2007, 04:30 AM
Some CD drives will not return data at their best if the computer is under a load, if AccurateRip verified the rips then they are fine.

11-25-2007, 12:37 PM
Also, if your running programs are on the same hard drive as the one you are ripping music to, you risk data fragmentation on that hard drive. Of course, if you have a fast hard drive (like SATA I or SATA II) then you probably have little to worry about.

But if you have an old IDE drive (like me on my work computer), you may want to consider not running other programs while a CD is ripping. If you have to run those programs while a CD is ripping, consider scheduling a night for your computer to defrag your hard drive.