View Full Version : wishing for dbpoweramp plug-in for winamp!

12-22-2002, 02:56 PM
I know there's a winamp plugin for dbpoweramp but although I like Illustrate very much, there are some plug-ins really only for WinAmp. So I prefer using WinAmp 2 (not WinAmp 3 because the special plug-ins I'm using in WinAmp 2 DON'T fit WinAmp 3) to dBpowerAMP (sorry... :blush: ) Although ordinary WMA 9 files can be played in WinAmp - the WMA 9 SPECIAL formats (WMA Lossless is the one I'm interested in) can only be played in WinAmp 3. Because they can be played in dBpowerAMP also I would really like to have a plug-in which supports playing the same audio formats in WinAmp 2 as in dBpowerAMP NOT vice versa... ALL in WinAmp exept inability to play WMA 9 Special formatted files in WinAmp is perfect.