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09-06-2007, 12:29 AM
Yes. I have read previous posts regarding this issue and have read about installing both versions, but the reason why I am asking has nothing to do with codecs but with the Start Menu.

I have come to a conclusion that even if you install version 11.5 in a different directory than that of 12.3, the same result is that version 11.5 DMC always takes presedence over version 12.3 in the START MENU under dbpoweramp no matter what version you install first.

You would think that once you have installed both versions in a consecutive order (ie 11.5 then 12.3) without uninstalling any version that the latest version of dmc will take presedence in the START MENU. I mean, you see both versions of the CD Ripper in the menu, you see the batch converter, auxillary...and all duplicates....however the shortcut to Music Converter is always 11.5. You would also think that if you install both versions, the start menu would include all programs from dbpoweramp in the start menu from both versions. I mean, it shows both cd ripper versions and then there's 2 configuration shortcuts for both versions. Why not show both versions of dmc in the start menu? Yes, technically the batch ripper is 12.3, but does not have the single conversion of 12.3.....Did I loose you yet?

Yes, I have lost you. In other words, is there a way or a proper installation or cmd command I can run so that when you go to START>all programs>dbpoweramp>music converter, selecting this shortcut will be dmc version 12.3 when you have 11.5 and 12.3 installed. BECAUSE when I always go to this menu, it's always 11.5 no matter how one installs the dbpoweramps(11.5 first then 12, or 12.3 first then 11.5). yeah I know---I can always go find my 12.3 version by going to where I installed it. Duh. But is there a way to make sure 12.3 takes presendence in the START MENU? (and YES when trying another installation pattern option I do completely wipe out both installed versions using your handy dandy Reset program I found on this forum--so this cant really considered it a factor towards why 12.3 wont show in the start menu---but it is useful!)

Again, this conversation has nothing to do with the codec installation but just with the START MENU configuration.

PPPS---off topic:Do you still have registered versions of 11.5 for people who bought the 12.3 power pack? I just did my first purchased version which is 12.3. Now, if you had 2 power packs going, each individual dmc program would know which one to use as long as each power pack is in a seperate directory for each dmc executable, right? Just checking.

09-06-2007, 03:10 AM
Uninstall all, install r12 copy the menu shortcuts somewhere, use the reset program, then install r11 then r12, your r12 shortcuts should work (if r11.5 is installed to a different folder).

09-08-2007, 11:09 PM
Ok. I dont know what's wrong with me, but I am still not getting it. So I will tell you what I do. Maybe you can correct any mistakes so I can do it properly

1.)Uninstall all---substeps

a.)unstall dmc through the control panel. This gets rid of version 11.5

b.)May have to reboot. Then use dbopweramp-reset to get rid of version 11.5 remnants. Wipe out ALL Codecs from the control panel.

c.)Use dbopweramp-reset, BUT before you do this, replace version 12.3 into the illustrate folder so that dbpoweramp-reset can get rid of this version as well. Unfortunately there is not a second uninstaller for this program, both the uninstall dmc in the shortcuts and in the control panel are 11.5

d.)do any necessary reboots.

e.)Old shortcuts still remain. Install 11.5 and then uninstall it, and reboot and use the "reset" program.

f.)dpoweramp is wiped completely from the system. And the only thing that remains in the shortcuts is HELP. Go to step 2.

STEP 2--Getting the shortcuts correct

A.)Spoon says to install version 12.3. So I install 12.3 into c:\Program files\Illustrate\dBpoweramp.

B.)Spoon says to copy menu shortcuts somewhere. I say, I dont know how to do this and can you explain to me like a baby how to do this. I SKIP THIS STEP.

c.)Spoon says to use reset program. I use dbpoweramp-reset. There is a dapRESETALL program as well, but I think this is the same program, so I dont use this one.

c.)Spoon says to install version 11.5. I install it into C:\Program Files\dBpoweramp11.5 so it is in a different directory.

d.)Spoon says to install Version 12.3 next. So I intstall it into c:\Program files\Illustrate\dBpoweramp. It gives me the PROMPT existing version 11.5 exists--replace with new version 12.3? I hit the NO button.

e.)Spoon says that the new shortcuts in the "all program files>dbopoweramp music converter>music converter" start meny shortcuts should now be the shortcut to version 12.3. I say "No, it still is 11.5."

Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Is it in my step 1--uninstall all or more in step 2--getting the shortcuts correct. Please quote and fix my mistakes. Thanks for your patience and understanding....hopefully this whole step process will be omited by the end of the year.

09-08-2007, 11:19 PM
Try this procedure, which is similar but different:
Then install dMC r11.5 and then dMC r12.3. What are your shortcuts pointing to now?

09-09-2007, 01:38 AM
It still points to v. 11.5. Yikes. When spoon said to do 12.3 first, reset program, and then 11.5 and 12.3, do you think he ever wrote over a previous version when prompted to by the installer or did he always hit "NO"?

When Lt. Data said to to do the regedit.exe way, then install 11.5 and then 12, did you ever write over a previous version or did you always hit "no" if the installer told you to do so?

Or maybe I still have not totally uninstalled both versions before doing the process? But that would be impossible because I used add/remove and regedit. I wiped that baby clean. If spoon and Lt Data did it, there must be one missing factor that I am not getting.

But the strange thing is that it does know to use the 12.3 for the get tag info. That's strange but GOOD. Now, why wont the shortcut be to dmc12.3?

any further suggestions?

09-11-2007, 11:05 PM
I gave up on this process....All i did was just right clicked on the music converter shortcut and got properties info and repointed it to version 12.3.

pps--the strange thing though is that a COUPLE 12.3 codecs do work the audio player--that was STRANGE. That was weird. Like for example, I converted an .aa(I know bad word here) to an MP3 using 12.3 and the audio player played it no problem. Note:at this time, I did not have the 11.5 registered version.

Well, hope I did not break anything. LOL.