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Martin H
08-21-2007, 08:45 AM

First off, thank you so much for developing this masterpiece of a ripper. I have now for the very first time tried the trial out and was immidiately sold. The secure ripping routines + all the rest of the feature set is just hands down awesome. I have used EAC for many years, but i'm for sure going to switch over to only using your ripper instead.

Now, i have a few observations which i would really appreciate if you would take into consideration.

When ripping to FLAC, then the Vorbis Comments are set like this :

Title=Uebers Ende Der Welt
Artist=Tokio Hotel
Album=Zimmer 483

I know that Vorbis Comment keys are case-insensitive, but couldn't you please make the keys case-type consistent. I would preffer if the keys are defined as upper-case, since that is the way the keys are shown in the spec and also by most other apps because of this. There is also extra spaces in the DISCNUMBER tag, but instead of fixing that, then i would preffer if you did like fb2k and most other apps does :


and also :


In your ripper's current state, then e.g. fb2k can't parse any TOTALTRACKS or TOTALDISCS tags from tracks ripped with your app, since it can't relate to the format used(as it's a APEv2/MP3 format and not the defacto Vorbis Comment way of doing it. The Vorbis Comment spec. dosen't mention any "/xx" in their TRACKNUMBER or DISCNUMBER tags and that's why the extra tags TOTALTRACKS and TOTALDISCS is used instead in fb2k and other apps and that has then by know become the defacto way of doing it.

Another thing is that i would really love to have the option of using conditional tagging, just like is available with the file naming. What i mean is that i only want a DISCNUMBER tag if the album is multi-disc and not if it isn't, but i can't define that currently. If you could maybe make a check-box that said "Only if multi-disc" besides the "Disc" tag in the metadata options, then that would be awesome.

A small note is that why is there no "Album" tag available under the metadata options ? And even though there isn't, then the tag is still defined on each album ? Is this a bug or is there just something that i am missing here ???

Thank's in advance.

08-21-2007, 05:50 PM
I know you can turn off the 1/1 or 1/12 in the ID Tag Options towards the bottom. However, I did also notice there is no "Album" option for tags.

As for the upper-case only, I know there is a "Force Uppercase Elements" option for Ogg Vorbis, but not for FLAC. Oddly enough, though, the option still results in options that are not in all uppercase. I checked and the Ogg Vorbis uppercase option does not affect FLAC.

Martin H
08-21-2007, 07:27 PM

Thank you very much for your reply, mate :)


Instead of making another thread, then i hope it's allright that i ask one more and final question to you here...

I am taking the CD Ripper relevant files out of DMC(as i use fb2k for everything else than ripping) and installing them through a batch file in a 7z SFX installer, so that i get a small and silent switchless installer. The batch file also merges a regfile so that all my preffered settings are pre-configured after the install. Now what is driving me crazy is that i cannot seem to define any tagging settings in advance. I know exactly which reg key is modified when you change the settings in the ripper, since i can both easilly find it myself + i also did run a reg tracer before and after making some changes and it also showed that only that single key where modified.

I know that what i'm going to say now sounds like i'm doing something wrong, but please test it yourself then, because i'm not!

If manually going into regedit.exe with the ripper closed of course, and changing this key :

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Illustrate\dBpoweramp\C DRipper\Profiles\(default)]

To :

"WriteTagElements"="Album Artist[]Disc Number[]Genre" (i know that the delimiter is not correct here, but just as an example, since the forum can't show the correct charachter here...).

And then start the ripper, then only those 3 above defined tags are enabled, but if i then delete that key and then merge a reg file with that key and with those exact same tags as above, then when i start the ripper, then all the default tags are now enabled ????? So you can see that even though my regfile has the correct key included and the tags defined which i want, then whenever the ripper is opened for the first time, then those tags are wiped and the default ones enabled again ?

This is driving me crazy, since i can configure everything else than this. I can configure AccurateRip and drive offsets and secure mode settings etc. etc., but just not this!

I would really appreciate if you could be so kind as to tell me how to get around this issue and also why it happens, as i can't make any sence of it and have never seen anything like that and i make my own silent installers with preconfigured settings through regfiles with all my apps and that's about 25 apps by know.

Thank's in advance.

CU, Martin.

08-23-2007, 06:16 AM
> then i would preffer if you did like fb2k and most other apps does :

If you can show 1 other app which uses TOTALDISCS we can use it, AFAIK only fb uses that and it is not a standard if just 1.

The 1 / 1 space has been fixed in the R12.3 release (very soon)

You can run our installs with --silent as the command line

>then whenever the ripper is opened for the first time, then those tags are wiped and the default ones enabled again ?

Yes, the ripper knows when it is run for the first time.