View Full Version : song information into a text file

11-15-2002, 06:25 PM
could you add a plugin to control freak or smth that enables the writing of now playing song information to a text file.
the best alternative would be that it uses a format string to format the written song data so that the user could tune the string to his liking..

there are several uses for this, f.ex. email signatures (imho useless:) and irc "now playing" scripts... i like to have a button which says into irc what im playing and have been unable to do this with dbpoweramp. just one minor detail, but if you made this, i finally could "rm -rf" my winamp =D

you should atleast be able to write to the file the currently plaing song's: title, artist, filename, length(mm:ss), size. pref. more...

this is the only feature i miss in dbpoweramp, otherwise:
Great Job, thanks for the amazing player :thumbup:

hoping for this feature a lot! ;D

// deice at REMOVEMEdeice.cjb.net