View Full Version : Script to enque files from the command line

04-22-2007, 07:08 AM
In talk about how to get dap working with other softwer as a player the problem that you can't queue form the command line arouse.
So this script resolves it...

Set Multiplayer = CreateObject("dBpowerAMP.Multiplayer")

For each arg in Wscript.Arguments
Multiplayer.Enque = arg

should work perfectly under all win xp and 2000 systems, not sure about win98 but maybe it does.

just copy the above code into a new text file and save it with a vbs extension (i.e. "dapenq.vbs").
you can enque multiple items thru the command line i.e. "dapenq.vbs song1 song2 song3"
if there are spaces or any potencially proiblematic char in the filename use quotes around it i.e "c:\music\queen bijou.mp3"