View Full Version : r.o. mp3 'rewrite id tag' error message

11-13-2002, 04:51 PM
one problem in the latest dap beta that drove me insane was the 'rewrite id tag' option. it worked perfectly on most songs, but there were a few with very stubborn id tags that would just stay the same even after rewriting them.

after days of :confused: and :headbang: i finally figured out the problem with them: they were read-only.

in file sharing programs, many audio files downloaded are read-only and have to have their attributes changed before id tag editing can occur (i'm pleased to hear that the 'edit id tag' option in dmc changes the attributes of the file to writable). for the next version of dap, i'd like to see a feature that does the same thing.

o yea i just realized for the smilies :supersmil (: supersmil) and :smile2: (: smile2 : ) are the same. weird...