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11-07-2002, 03:21 PM
I have the archos multimedia Jukebox and I just got a letter back from them when I suggested adding wma or ogg vorbis format. In the letter they said it would be impossible to do it in a firmware update because the codecs are embedded the chip.
If this is true, it really sucks that they can't add more formats:( :(

11-08-2002, 01:49 AM
Well I don't know their hardware specs....

By the sounds of that, it's because they use a specific non reprogrammable DSP chip to handle the decoding of the audio and they have an extremely weak CPU that handles the interface that you use. They say firmware upgradeable because you can upgrade the firmware (interface tweaks & bug fixes) but they don't say anything about not being able to add additional codecs. It really is a shame :sad:

11-08-2002, 10:26 PM
Yeah this really sucks.
I would send it back, but its the only one that has video playback on the screen.
Why would they do that. Oh well. Ogg Vorbis isn't better that (lame)mp3 yet, right?
Maybe I could find a person to make a DSP chip that would work in it (voiding warrenty of course)
I just like the video for long tours. :)

11-09-2002, 03:49 AM
they would probably have to remove something for you to be able to play new formats, the mpeg-4 decoding would take up a lot of power on a dsp ;)


11-09-2002, 05:30 AM
Oh well. Ogg Vorbis isn't better that (lame)mp3 yet, right?

Ogg Vorbis is a great deal better than any form of MP3. Yes, Lame MP3 has had a lot more tuning and is more mature than Ogg Vorbis, but the developers still have to comply with the MP3 spec which stops them from adding new or better technologies/techniques, the Ogg Vorbis developers haven't had that problem.

It looks like a very good unit. Wish I had one :) I like the idea of being able to play DivX on the run or on a TV.

the mpeg-4 decoding would take up a lot of power on a dsp

Like you have dedicated MPEG 2 video decoder cards for PC's to handle DVDs without much trouble, they'd probably have a dedicated MPEG 4 decoder chip/card in the unit. DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) are sound only and can't be modified, the code that runs the unit is stored in the flashable ROM, (non flashable if it's not firmware upgradable) not on the DSP.

Anyway, how well does it handle VBR MP3 files? Looks very handy. A bit pricey though....do you know how much the 10GB model costs? I only saw the price for the 20GB model on their site.

11-10-2002, 10:44 PM
That makes sense. I like it alot, but the only problem I'm having with it is that the battery is only lasting about 3 hours (have gone through 10 charge/discharge cyles now) when its supposed to have approx 7 hours. I'll have to see if they'll send me a new battery since its still under warranty.

I didn't know they had a 10GB model. I've seen 40GB models on ebay, not supported by Archos though.

I've been having trouble playing vbr files. I think its my computer though. When I try to convert them to vbr using lame with a range between 128 and 265. When I go to the mp3 right click, properties it says its like 360 kbps. I have a program called EncSpot that gives information on mp3's and it says that the same song that is reported as 160kbps, the average is really 156. Anyways Because windows reports the kbps wrong the mp3 player doesn't say the right bitrate and the time is all wrong, but it does play them. I've seen alot of other people with different players having the same problems though, so I'm sticking with CBR.

11-11-2002, 12:35 AM
Uh, it doesn't use standard batteries...damn :headbang:

Still a very good gizmo.

How long does it last when playing videos on that screen?

11-11-2002, 02:32 AM
The 3 hours are from a mix of watching video and just listening to music(screen turns off)
Watching video the whole time it only lasts about 2hours, listening to music its about 3 1/2 hours.
Sucks that it doesn't use regular batteries.