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01-31-2007, 11:10 PM
Okay I searched the forum topics and I didn't know where to post this, mainly i'm new to all this atrac stuff and I don't understand it at all and hoping somebody can give me some help/advice/suggestions.. something.

Here's my question.

I have some cds that were burned 2 years ago and when I try to rip these songs to my computer it's unable to read the files.. example of a file is TRK0000A.atp ..

Now I was told to download sonicstage but sonicstage does not support atp files .. it seems to support everything but atp files and its furstrating.

so .. is there any way I can get around this and upload them to my pc some how?

i for one did not burn the cds, my exbf did .. when i burn cds i burn them as mp3s .. i dont know what he was thinking..

i dont have a system that plays these cds .. so now im stuck with 7 cds .. all songs ending in .atp .. for which i can not listen to nor upload to my pc..

does ANY know how to get by this!?
ive asked and searched but nobody knows what im talking about nor can i find what im really looking for.

if anyone has options or ideas
please share
id appreciate it