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01-05-2007, 11:30 AM
Has anyone seen any issues running dBpowerAmp 11.5 with BitDefender 9.5 antivirus software?

I was attempting to convert my FLAC library to mp3 and the process takes several days. I run a complete virus scan each night at 3am. Each morning I would come back to my PC and it would be locked up. No blue screen, but no keyboard or screen response and could not access it via remote desktop nor would it respond to pings. I have an external temp probe and it was hot enough to show that the PC was running and at idle temperature.

I would also experience lockups during the day from time to time, but can't identify the action to trigger it.

I disabled the nightly virus scan, but left the virus shield running. The music converter has been running for 48+ hours without incident, when it would not run over night previously.

I'm an hour away from completing, so I don't really need a "fix", but was wondering what the issue could be so I don't experience it in the future. Also I had done a multiday conversion about a year ago without error, but I think it was using the v11 music converter and I think I had Norton as my anti virus.

My PC is fairly robust. XP with all patches (except for the MS malicious sw detector) , AMD dual core 4800, 2 gig of RAM. I do a lot of video editing and run multi hour mpeg encoding without issue. I push the PC quite a bit and have never had it lock up like this.

Any comments would be appreciated.

01-05-2007, 02:28 PM
No computer should lock up like that, normal software (such as dbpoweramp) on a limited account would not have the rights to do anything that could cause a lockup, not sure about a virus checker, they can be installed at the low level.