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10-25-2002, 02:48 PM
Changes since beta 8: Skin Z order is now correct, displays VBR bitrate in realtime for Ogg and Mp3 files.




Complete changes:

Version Highlights: Compatible with keyboard Play, Stop, etc buttons. Fully customisable keyboard control, both locally and globally (from other programs). Plays Audio CDs. My Music Collection automatically links into the MusicMoz database!

Fully cusomizable keyboard control (including control from other applications) of dAP - Start >> Programs >> dBpowerAMP >> Configuration >> Keyboard Control

Ogg Vorbis included as standard

Fully Audio CD Compatible - dAP can be configured through 'dAP Install Options' to automatically play an audio CD and fetch the deatils of said CD from freedb.

Amp - Increased Popup info time for Amp Playing labels to 2 seconds
Amp - Open button sorts the list of files adding so they are played in order
Amp - can now pass filenames on command line to amp.exe and they will play
Amp - Default Skin - Artist, Track and Album are now Bold
Amp - Displays realtime bitrate for VBR mp3s and OGG

dAP Config - when associating dAP with cda files dAP is audio set to active CD Playing program.

Added WM_APPCOMMAND which means those Play, Stop Pause buttons on your keyboard should work (Windows NT/2000/XP only)
MMC - Added a 'Selected Tracks' button at the top
MMC - New option (on track right click >> advanced) to 'Rewrite ID Tag, writes information held in dAP over the ID tag in files)
MMC - New option (on track right click >> advanced) to open explorer at the track location
MMC - Remembers column sizes
MMC - When creating a playlist for selected tracks - mouse is changed to hour glass
MMC - New Forum 'Music Collection >> Preferences'
MMC - Preferences - Option to switch off popup info tips
MMC - When add new music, the music is included/excluded to active play control
MMC - Column sorts like Windows Explorer
MMC - added smart 2nd sorting (click on Album to see in action) also an option to sort 2ndary on your choice
MMC - Column order can be set and columns switched off in Collection >> Preferences
MMC - if right click on track and has an album name - gives the option to PLAY ALBUM
MMC - When selective play is active, shows how many tracks are included in selective play
Amp - made the random selector, more random (Thanks dsieber)
MMC - If right click on a single track then shows 'View MusicMoz web page'
MMC - 'Refresh from Tag' also refreshs file info such as bitrate, size
MMC - if is already shown and click mmc on amp then switches to existing
MMC - when is clicked on AMP or Menu then does not remember the minimise setting
MMC - Displays selective play name at the top
MMC - If cannot save music collection - shows a message and asks to retry

Right Click on Folder >> Play/Enque - will now recurse and search sub-folders too if option on MMC Pref page is set
Playlist Editor - if drop a playlist on to the editor it is now edited
Playlist Editor - Displays artist in bold
Playlist Editor - Shows Hourglass when adding lots of tracks
Playlist Editor - Auto track number position routine improved

Previously Played - Artist now shown in bold

Menu - Skins - Alphabetically sorts skin list

BUG Fix - If a skin is set to Top most and a sub skin wasn't, dAP will now display them
BUG Fix - If slide out the 'Mini On Screen Control' then close it, the slide out bit used to stay on the screen
BUG Fix - For MMC - right click 'Edit Tag' >> Details, now has a vertical scrollbar
BUG FIX - MMC - will now load after amp has exited (previously it would flicker on the screen and unload)
BUG FIX - MMC - Speeded up track list drawing, also fixed a drawing bug
Bug Fix - Stopped the 'New Track Lookup' whilst editing tags
Bug Fix - Popup InfoTip - for large playlists, only first 50 entries are looked at
Bug Fix - Playlist & Previously played, switched font to a multilingual one - also changed icons
bug fix - m3u Playlists in Unix style can now be edited
bug fix - hidden skin objects (Font, Image and Eq Positions) stopped the main window from dragging if clicked in them
Bug Fix - Tooltips no longer get in the way when a button is right at the top of the screen
Bug Fix - ZOrder works again (should)

10-26-2002, 08:53 PM
Like the beta so far (didn't try out the last one). The Rewrite ID Tag is a good option, and writing the preference would make it even better.

11-02-2002, 01:39 PM
I'm unsure as to whether this bug was introduced in this release, or whether it's been around for a while, but...

dAP doesn't really like ABR MP3 files, it seems. I have a couple freshly created using dMC R10 (latest beta) and a recent alpha of the Lame 3.83 DLL (from last week IIRC). Anyway, while the correct track length and bitrate are displayed in MMC, when dAP comes to play it, it overestimates the track time, thus ruining the crossfade effect (since it expects the track to be longer then runs out of audio before its had chance to start fading).

The files should be alright; EncSpot was able to find Xing and Lame tags in them. I know dAP doesn't like VBR files without Xing headers, but usually those also have the wrong information in MMC too, whereas with these two the information in MMC is correct.

Food for thought? Other than that the latest beta is great, as always :)

11-02-2002, 02:53 PM
That must be the XAudio decoding engine, for MMC I get the length from my own code, but when playing the length has to come from the physical mp3 decoder, there might be a newer version for Xaudio.

11-03-2002, 04:45 AM
Ah good; at least you can decipher the problem :)

11-06-2002, 10:22 AM
I was reordering the way the track info is displayed in My Music Collection. I put the Artist info in the first slot and went on from there. I ended it with the Icon section. The problem is that when the icon is "New" or the triangle idicating it is playing it goes overtop of the artist list. When it is just the little guitar icon it show it in the correct place at the end. Just thought you might want to know. Hopefully you can find a fix too because i really like the way i have it ordered now except for this problem.

p.s Thanks for an excellent program. I have been using it since the original betas. Best program of its kind.

12-29-2002, 05:38 AM
New bug: if you start 2 instances of dAP at the same time or in very quick succession, you get two dAP processes, instead of just the one as usual. Can anything be done about this, or should I just be a little more careful when clicking? ;)

12-29-2002, 10:29 AM
Be more careful :)