View Full Version : Preserving BIN file size?

12-01-2006, 12:15 AM
So I have CD Writer, and for the past few months it's been slooooooooooow; takes forever to load even one MP3 and then crashed immediately afterward. In addition, I had literally hundreds of duplicate CD burning presets; both 74 and 80 minute CD options were duplicated in the New Disc dialog, along with 650 and 700 MB MP3 discs.

While attempting to delete some of the extraneous presets, I noticed that the 'CreatingCD.bin' file was shrinking in size, so in a fit of inspiration (I certainly don't recommend this) I went in and pared down the file. It shrunk to 8 KB from a whopping 88 MB after deleting all but the original four presets, although CD Writer attempted to duplicate the 74 and 80 minute CD presets again, but it runs far more smoothly than it did before.

My question is this: is there any way to fix CD Writer to prevent it from recreating the duplicate presets and avoid this problem in the future?


12-01-2006, 12:51 PM
It is best to leave the default created profiles, and create new if needed. This bug is going to be looked at after R12 (music converter is out).