View Full Version : error while converting ogg file

11-28-2006, 09:26 PM
i´ve downloaded some ogg vorbis files. i´ve tried to convert it to mp3 and dbpower convert, has informed me that i need a codec to make the conversion. in the same page, there are 3 codecs, i´ve downloaded them but, the conversion hasen´t been completed, in the screen, appeared a message telling me that the codec was not installed. what should i do?

11-29-2006, 05:18 AM
First check your dMC Configuration to confirm that you have your Ogg Vorbis decoder codec installed. Go Start> All Programs> dBpowerAMP Music Converter> Configuration> dBpowerAMP Music Converter Configuration. Click on the tab for Installed Decoders.

If you do not have a listing there for .ogg vorbis you need to install the correct codec (I believe that you need the basic ogg codec for decoding (or reading) .ogg vorbis files and it needsd to be installed to the correct location (usually not a problem if you installed dMC to the default location).

If your dMC Confiuration shows an .ogg vorbis decoder, then try to test convert one or more of your .ogg vorbis files. This is done the same way as the conversion to .mp3 except that where you chose .mp3 as your output format, choose "Test Conversion (No Write)". If the test conversion works, the likely problem is the settings you are using for .mp3 or, if you do not have a currently registered or active trial version of the Power Pack, the problem might be a lack of a codec to create (or encode) .mp3 files (although you should then get an error message confirming this).

If the test conversion does NOT work, it suggests a problem with the .ogg vorbis files themselves, possibly they were corrupted during the download process.

Good luck and best wishes,