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Corbin Johnson
11-26-2006, 07:37 PM
I've recently started ripping my 500+ CD collection to Flac using dbPoweramp.
I just purchased three new Dell computers; 2 Enspiron E1405 laptops and one XPS 210 desktop. I also have an older Sony desktop.

I've been using all four computers to rip. All four computers started ripping CD's in less than four minutes and I'd see ripping speeds and conversion rates in the teens and higher. After about 25 CD's, each computer took at least twice as long to rip a CD and ripping speeds and conversion speeds were much slower, around 5X.

I didn't change any settings for this to occur. After reading a few posts here, I just clicked on the "Rocket" and set "Rip to Ram" and "Rip and Encode at Same Time". This improved things, but I'm still confused how things would slow down on all four computers about the same time without changing any options.


What does the "slow ripping" option do? I've tried it on and off and don't notice any difference.

What effect does ripping speed have on file quality. Can I assume that I have the best possible ripped file if Accurate Rip says all files OK, regardless of ripping speed?

Any suggestions or answers are greatly appreciated.

Corbin Johnson

11-27-2006, 02:50 AM