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10-22-2002, 01:26 AM
2 b able 2 take a mp3 file <or ne other> which is 80 kbps & make it n2 high qualitiy such as 320 kbps. dat wuld b nice, since i juz screwd ^ all my songs:cry:

10-24-2002, 02:10 AM
That's not a limitation of Spoons' programs.

You took your music files and threw away all fine details by downsampling them to 80kbps. These fine details are gone - you threw them inadvertently in the garbage and the garbage truck took them away and destroyed them.

Now you want a program to look at your coarse-detail file and re-create the fine detail. Well, since it is not there, nothing can be done to re-create it - when you re-sample back to 320-kbps, any program would just fill in the gaps with what it sees in the 80kbps data but it cannot add/guess the finer details that could have been there. So it will sound the same as the 80kpbs file.

Something tells me that you aren't going to make this mistake again :-)

Take care,

10-24-2002, 11:25 AM
If it were possible what is the point of having 360Kbps mp3 files? they would be all stored at 24Kbps, and a program could make them 360kbps.

Sadly it is not possible (if I could do it I would be very, very rich ;) )