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10-18-2006, 04:08 PM
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A problem I hope to have solved before I buy the converter I mention in my text!
Hello and have a good day,

My age is 73 years YOUNG and my home language is Dutch but Iíll try to reflect here my current problem that I hope to have solved before I can decide to buy the dBpowerAMP Music Converter (Release 11.5). Iím still in my trial period and I have some problems I wish to have solved with the help of somebody.

What is my problem and what is the main reason why I probably buy mentioned converter:
One of my favourite hobbies is making PowerPointís. The music I want to add than must be from a wav type (not MP3) and that a WAV conversion must be restricted then below Ī 1MB in order not to exceed a total maximum of Ī 2,5MB for the completed PowerPoint after adding the diaís. When converting MP3 to WAV, its recommended to use a MPEG Layer 3 in a compression mode of 18 bits or more and 11,025HZ or sometimes higher if the song will remain in a good condition. I did that the first time successfully with a song converted from 7.791kb as MP3 to less then 600kb as a wav. But the artist sung with a lisp tone. Thatís why I changed it to a higher rate of 975kb and it was perfect. But I stupid one forgot to write done how I did it. Since and with the same song as study object, meanwhile and already several days I donít succeed anymore in what I deed before the first time.

Thus HELP will be welcome.

Fred johan DUPONT

10-18-2006, 04:40 PM
Choose WAV as your format and pick "Compressed WAV." If you lower the bitrate, you may want to also consider lowering the frequency too.