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10-09-2006, 04:40 AM
I want to standarize of all my mp3 sound in one level, which function I can use? (audio CD input? if yes, pls tell how to use, many thx)

10-09-2006, 07:48 PM
There are 2 basic approaches to this problem:
You can normalize the volume of all your mp3 audio files, or
You can normalize the volume at which the files are played without changing the files themselves.

The first approach can be done using dBpowerAMP Music Converter's Power Pack and the Volume Normalize DSP feature. This will boost the volume where the sound is too low. If you have some tracks that are too loud, you can use the Volume Quieten DSP for those. Essentially you would take your existing mp3 tracks and convert them to mp3 tracks with the same specifications (in terms of frequency, bitrate and channels) but adding the DSP effects. You can also apply these effects when you are ripping tracks from CD to Mp3. Another tool you can uise is called Mp3Gain. This program is available as freeware and has the advantage of storing information about the changes it makes to each mp3 file it works on so you can revert to the original file if you want or need to.

With the other approach, dBpowerAMP Audio Player (dAP), has a feature called Auto Volume Normalize which will boost the volume of soft tracks upon playback to a standard level but only after the track has been played all the way through one time. I tend to prefer this approach. An alternative (and I believe a more powerful tool) in this respect is called ReplayGain. The dAP feature is only good, of course, with dAP. ReplayGain is supported by some other players but is ineffective if used with a player that does not support ReplayGain. ReplayGain stores information about normalizing playback in the file tag so that the information can be used with any player supporting ReplayGain. Spoon is working on adding ReplayGain support to the next version of dBpowerAMP Music Converter.

Hope this helps.
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