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09-22-2006, 01:37 PM
I've tried searching for this, and even checked the faq but couldnt find anything worth not posting this.

I'm trying to convert all my WMA's to MP3's and its not working too well. I dont have much extra space on my computer so I tried selecting "Delete Source File." Everything works fine and it converts it until it gives me an error message saying

"Unable to delete source file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Allen...\02 All Downhill from Here.wma'"

So I have to back and delete it manually.

Is there any fix for this? The file isnt protected, and should be able to be deleted. Thanx for any information given, all I know is that it's been causing people other problems, but I dont know the solution. Thanx!

09-23-2006, 09:09 AM
If I recall correctly, I think that if you are trying to convert one .wma file at a time you cannot use the Delete Source File After Conversion feature becausse WMP gets tied into the conversion process somehow and WMP will not let go of the file to allow it to be deleted. The thread where this is discussed is quite old and I don't think i can readily locate it however. I am sure Spoon can confirm whether this is still (or was once) true for .wma.

If you are converting and deleting single files, perhaps this could be the source of your problem. Converting/deleting multiple files may reduce this problem. Otherwise, I am at a loss.

This being said, auto-deleting source files after conversion, while handy in isolated circumstances, is not generally recommended because if anything goes wrong with your conversion you end up with inferior, corrupt or missing converted files and no source files either.

As a practical matter, I would consider finding ways to increase your hard drive space (perhaps there are programs you can uninstall and reinstall later, for example; you can also try refragmenting your hard drive though this may or may not give you much extra space; perhaps you can install a second hard drive) and then doing your conversions.

Best wishes,